Shower toilet seat



About Lavalino

The European market is subject to strict regulations concerning the treatment of water; toilets are designed differently; and consumers are very cost-conscious. As a result, the associates of Lavalino GmbH have developed a solid, cost-effective, almost universally suitable bidet toilet seat that falls in line with the applicable standards – the Lavalino.

The Lavalino was first presented to the public as a conceptual study at ISH 2013. The huge reception that the concept was afforded saw a spin-off company being created as a result: what is now Lavalino GmbH.

That just-out-of-the-shower feeling

Quick and easy to install – enjoy the feeling of instant cleanliness that only water can bring.

No need for elaborate electronic fittings!

Lavalino Bidet Toilet Seat

European regulations specify that all potable water pipes must be protected against contamination from used and dirty water in order to safeguard your health. European Standard EN 1717 deals with the specifics in detail – just ask your plumber.

All LAVALINO products have undergone stringent checks and comply with EN 1717!

The complement to toilet paper

A hygienic refreshment for a clean and pleasant toilet experience. Gentler and gentler than conventional toilet paper.

Saves money and protects the environment.